Dr. Nightingale, or Dr. Dan to many who know him, was referred to my father by Dr. Anna Burke at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center. He has been working with our family in conjunction with Dr. Burke for almost a year. He is a critical part of the treatment team. My father and our whole family have greatly benefitted from Dr. Dan. My father had worked with therapists/psychologist’s in the past but did not have the success that has come through Dr. Dan. His understanding of the cognitive challenges that accompany Parkinson’s, coupled with his sense of humor and family approach have significantly improved my father’s quality of life and happiness – and thus my entire family’s happiness. 

I am forever grateful to Dr. Dan for his incredible commitment and customized approach to each person that he works with. I work in the behavioral health field and can say I have worked with many excellent behavioral health professionals, but I consider him the best. 

Ynez Cross, Helping Hearts Residential Facilities. 


“I work in Hospice and Palliative Care. I met Dr. Nightingale a few years ago at an industry mixer when he came to Arizona.

I thought what a really neat doc, when I met him! 

It was not until we worked on a summer speaking series together at a Memory care community that it clicked, and I was so impressed with his expertise, enthusiasm and compassion for educating families that struggle with the Alzheimer’s diagnosis that has affected their loved ones life. 

I truly have learned so much that I can now share with others in our industry as well as patients and families we serve. 

Thank you Dr. Nightingale “

Kelli Tucker -Suncrest Hospice & Palliative Care 

“I have known Dr. Dan personally for several years and his reputation in the community is impeccable.  He is compassionate, kind hearted, patient, and one of the most knowledgeable clinicians that I know in the areas of Dementia and its effects on the individual and their families. He steps into their world and shares what they are experiencing, to allow us valuable insight into their fears, anxieties, and even their hopes and dreams.  What a beautiful, heartwarming and wonderful way to approach this very challenging time in one’s life. Just being in the presence of Dr. Dan is comforting and reassuring and certainly gives one renewed strength, assurance and purpose.” Diane Skaff, Senior Support Solutions.

“Dr. Nightingale is wonderfully down-to-earth and approachable, especially considering his near-superstar status in his field of expertise. It is an honor to work with him in making Living Well with Dementia Support Programs a reality. Dr. Dan’s passion for education and his mission to improve understanding and outcomes for dementia patients and their families world-wide is both inspiring and humbling!” Deanna WilsonMarketing Director at Right At Home Northwest Phoenix

“The many years of research only shows the passion and undying determination of Dr Dan. With such a knowledgeable role model, who is the world leader in hypnosis for people living with dementia, and known as the Dementia Doctor in the UK, I couldn’t have been luckier to have found Dr Dan. His years of research with Dr Simon Duff has enabled him to develop the teaching program for clinicians. He founded Dementia Therapy Specialists and this takes Dr Dan on many lecturing circuits. I am looking forward to the day he can come to Australia in order to share his unique therapy program.”  Robyn Watford, Dementia Hypnotherapy Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Brisbane Australia.

“Dr Dan is a unique and good soul with qualities that make a wonderful teacher. His delivery is engaging, the course material is thorough and clear with Dr Dan giving an informative and up-to-date insight into dementia treatment and research from across the globe. The techniques taught are practical and supportive to both the patient and their carers. The additional Skype support sees Dr Dan answer any questions simply and his encouragement is uplifting and motivating. It is a true blessing to have studied with him, his positive and genuinely compassionate approach to dementia treatment is inspiring.” – Rachael Armstrong

“Taking training with Dr. Nightingale through Dementia Therapy Specialists was an excellent choice. The training took me from understanding the basics and explaining dementia to watching a live demonstration of the techniques used in a clinical setting. I would highly recommend this for all hypnotherapists who want a thorough understanding of working with clients with dementia.”  Kausar Khan, CHt
“I have shared a platform with Dr Dan, as I like to refer to him, a number of times. He is an engaging and inspirational colleague.  I particularly admire Daniel’s entrepreneurship and willingness to seek out and challenge new ideas and concepts while not abandoning tried and tested principles. I wish him great joy with his new venture and if you get the chance to work with or engage Daniel you will come away richer for the experience”  Paul Smith, Interim Consultant Dementia Care, Lancaster Care NHS Foundation Trust
“Wow!!!  l am in complete awe of what you have done and in such a short time!!
l have looked at your website and l must say, I’m blown away by the Nightingale Ranch and in particular, the concept of offering respite to those who have been affected by dementia and those who care for them.
Keep up the good work and please keep in touch as its inspirational human beings like you that keep me inspired in turn to continue with my job of protecting the elderly and vulnerable.”
God bless,
Jeanette Roberts, Owner and Director of FirstCare, Southwest Limited
“Some years ago I attended a talk you gave at a Nightingales nursing home in Kidderminster Worcestershire.  I have never forgot the things you said in that presentation, you were a real inspiration. I still continue my work as a health & wellbeing therapist working in residential care and the community… Look forward to keeping in touch and learning as much as possible from you. Many thanks for that presentation”. Janet Capstick FFHT FICHT MPACT CLMT CLMC

“Hypnotherapy for Dementia with Dr. Dan Nightingale is one of the best trainings I’ve taken in recent years. Dr. Dan is extremely knowledgeable, warm and engaging. I walked out of class the first day loaded with information, with more to come. I learned a tremendous amount and had fun in the process.”Research proves that hypnotherapy helps improve the quality of life for people with dementia. This population is growing, making this the perfect way to be of service in your community and grow your practice.” Katherine Zimmerman, CCHT, Author, CE Course for Intuition and Spirituality.

“Dr. Nightingale changed my perspective of dementia ENTIRELY, in a positive, empowered way.  I am no longer fearful of working with people with dementia… I now see them as having a universe of abilities.  Thanks, Dr Dan, for bringing this to light for me!”  Marea Boylan, Neuroscientist and Dementia Therapy Specialist 

“Clear, concise, made the complicated details easily understandable.  Very well done.  Thanks!”

“Rich content; sense of humor.”

“Very Engaging, humorous and presented all material very clearly.  Very enjoyable conference.  Recommend it!  Thanks so much for sharing this information.”

“His sense of humor, degree of experience in the field, dedication to being of service to people with dementia, organization of material.  Thank you!  I am grateful to have this knowledge, the support and expertise to build a foundation for my work.”

“Very, very knowledgeable.  Well organized and superbly presented.  Information very beneficial, well needed."